FMS 1:6 JIMMY Jimny Generation

  • introduction´╝Ü

    Jimny, a legendary model, broke people’s inherent perception of hardcore off-road vehicles. With small displacement, small size, low price, and unique market positioning, it accurately fills the market gap and becomes a reliable tool for many off-road enthusiasts to carry their dreams.

    The predecessor of the Jimny was the Hope Car’s Hope Star ON-type 4WD, which was sold to Suzuki Motors in 1968. In 1970, it was improved by Suzuki, equipped with a 359cc two-stroke inline twin-cylinder, and the LJ10 with a weight of only 600kg came out.

    The first-generation Jimny LJ10 that FMS was authorized to build by Suzuki is the same as the real car. It adopts metal beams, non-load-bearing chassis, front and rear leaf spring suspension, and universal joint transmission. The scale is completely accurate 1/6. The seat is wrapped with soft rubber to simulate the softness and collapse effect of the real seat. With a 1/6 doll, it presents a perfect sitting and driving posture.

    The motor, ESC, receiver and battery are all integrated under the hood, and all equipment can be seen by opening the hood, making it easier to change power, set up and maintain.