1220MM SuperEZ

  • Product Highlights:

    FMS has always dedicated its engineering efforts towards making aircraft suitable for every skill level. The SuperEZ has always been a perfect beginner-friendly sport aircraft.

    Using a large, high-winged design constructed out of lightweight EPO foam, the SuperEZ has an ultra-low wing loading and stable flight characteristics- giving beginner pilots great handling even at slow speeds. An improved brushless power system and propeller gives the aircraft ample power while still maintaining 10–15 minute flight times. A high strength, lightweight metal landing gear set absorbs even the hardest landings.

    For easy transportation, the SuperEZ is designed with a quick-release mechanism that can release the wing in a matter of seconds.

    Building on the success of the SuperEZ V2, the V3 features an improved one-piece horizontal stabilizer and a nose-cone that significantly reduces vibrations.

    Built upon the successful Super EZ V3, FMS has completely upgraded the digital 9g servos to ensure pinpoint precision and bulletproof reliability. The addition of attractive purple accents to the color scheme make the Super EZ V4 a head-turner at every field!

    Like the SuperEZ V2 and V3, the V4 can be installed with floats! Allowing for water and snow operations

    As one of FMS’ mainline products, the SuperEZ V4 utilizes the latest in FMS’ design language. It will grow with the pilot as they progress into more sophisticated flight maneuvers.