Tie on Mask Machine Semi-automatic

  • Main Parameter:

    (1)Machine size:L3400mm*W600mm*H1500mm;

            Packing size:1920mm*700mm*1670mm (1 pc)

                                   1670mm*640mm*1200mm (1 pc)

    (2)Color:grey ,according as this standard if no special request

    (3)Electric: 220VAC±5﹪,50/60HZ,Power: 2.6KW;

    (4)Enviroment:Temperature10~35℃、Humidity:5-35%HR,No flammability ,no corrosive gas or dust.


    (6)Pass rate:98%(except materials and operator can not meet with requirments)。


    1. The structure of this machine is compact, so the volume is small and the space occupied is small.

    2. The product has high stability, so the failure rate is low

    3. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful, strong and does not rust