Surgical Gown Machine

  •  Surgical Gown Machine Machine Mechanical Principle Is Introduced:

    First of all, the cloth is material from the feeding rack, and the belt, collar and cuff cloth are supplied by the feeding mechanism. after Guide drum; Then weld the back collar; Then cut off the scrap at the neckline with a rear width hobbing cutter; Then weld the left and right elastic cloth cuffs of the rear frame; Then weld the front left belt, front left cuff and front amplitude left neckline; Then weld the front right belt, front right cuff and front right collar; Then three layers of cloth after the puller, three layers of fabric as a whole fused into one of the edge; Then the waste is removed with a hobbing cutter; Stripping the waste through the blanking pull belt 1;Pull 2 pairs of garments through blanking for the material.

    ***: When wearing the body, the clean suit should be turned over by hand, so that the welds can be turned inside.