Thermal Putty Material GPU-200 - AMG

  • Product Description

    GPU-200 is a thermal putty material compound and will not dry out silicone based material putty. It applied to fill the air gas between the heating elements and the heat dissipation fins or the metal base. Their flexibility and elasticity make them suited to the coating of the very uneven surfaces. Heat can transmit to the metal housing or dissipation plate from the separate elements or even the entire PCB, which in effect enhances the efficiency and life-time of the heat-generating electronic components.

    Features and Benefits:

    .Thermal conductivity 2.0 W/m-K

    .Never Dries

    .Suitable for auto-dispensing and screen printing applications

    . Easy to assembly

    .Cost effective

    Applications :

    .Computer services: CPU, Heat sink, Memory modules

    .LED Lighting, LCD-TV

    . Military electronics

    . Power supplies

    . Telecom services, Wireless instruments