Two Things Contribute To A Lot Of High Pressure Injection Pump

  •   A big problem we're seeing right now is an increased failure of High Pressure Injection Pump for sale caused by a lack of lubrication due to the low sulfur diesel fuel the government requires with the new emission standards.

      Two things contribute to a lot of this fuel pump failure:

      Increase in biodiesel. A lot of people are using biodiesel or cooking oils to fuel the trucks.

      Government mandated low sulfur fuel standard.

      Both of these situations are creating a lack of lubrication in injection pumps, as well as a water problem in many fuels.

      We suggest 1 pint treat 60 gallons of fuel. It is very cost effective when you consider replacing an injection pump or engine because of injection pump failure. Injection pump failure can cause engine failure, resulting in thousands of dollars in repair bills, not to mention the cost of the down time for your truck.

      We can't stress enough the importance of using grease -- or a similar fuel additive product that provides lubrication, both cleans and lubricates.

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