Popular metal connector housing we die-cast for EV cars.

  • This is one popular metal connector housing we die-cast for EV cars. Enchuang die casting factory compliance with environmental principles. So the materials we use pass RoHS. What's more, we can provide MSDS report for surface treatment. In addition, the tolerance range of zinc alloy raw casting from mold can achieve +/- 0.02-0.05mm. More precision dimension can machined by CNC. The Product advantage of this 2022 Popular Customized High Precision Zinc die-casting connector shell are allied in EV car.
    1. Product Type: Zamak alloy die cast
    2. Material: Zamak 5
    3, Roughness of casting: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5
    4. Salt spray test : 48H
    5. Weight: 46g
    6. Surface treatment: Nickle plated
    7. Pakage: Blister box, next to Carto

    8. Material certificate: RoHS report

    9. Product appearance: surface without sand hole and blister

    10. Process type: Hot Chamber die casting
    11. Drawing Formats: STP, IGS, DWG, PDF ect.,

    12. Certificates: ROHS, IATF16949, MSDS, or to do test by the third party as your requirement
    13.Original place: Dongguan, Guangdong, China.