Aluminum pressure die cast

  • As a one-stop zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting Chinese manufacturer, the casting housing from raw material to finish parts will experience strict quality controlled. And this product is used in the medical industry. The project engineer will follow the case until the casting sample is confirmed by the customer. Parameter of this customized high pressure die casting mold making aluminum alloy conductive medical plug shell

    1. Certificate: IAF16949
    2. Process Type: Aluminum pressure die cast
    3, Drawing Formats: 3D (STP or IGS); and 2D (DWG or PDF)
    4. Tolerance range: +/- 0.02-0.05mm
    5. Die casting Roughness: Ra 0.8-Ra12.5
    6. Mold and sample making time: 35days
    7. Tooling service life: 100,000 to 150,000 shots
    8. NDA: Yes, we can sign it.

    Parameters of this High Pressure Die Casting Mould Making Aluminum Alloy Conductive Medical Plug Shell

    Why the tooling life of aluminum alloy products are shorter than zink alloy products?

    Different materials have melting points. The higher the melting point, the greater the damage to the mold.

    1. Material: ADC12
    2. Weight: 35g
    3. Application: medical equipment
    4. Finish: Nickle plating
    5. Salt spray test: 48H or more as your requirement
    6, Package: blister box, next to Carton
    7. Original place: Guangdong, China

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