Come and join the Halloween in Animal Crossing

  • Come and join the Halloween in Animal Crossing

    Halloween is coming soon,friends of Animal Crossing come to see what fun activities there are on Halloween. The Halloween Animal Crossing event started in October, but before that, I will give a brief introduction to new friends who have never played Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is a very popular game with many players participating. In Animal Crossing, if you have favorite movies and animations, you can implement them in the game. If you like leisure life, you can also enjoy island life in the game, or trade and exchange with other players.

    Players will dress up and gather in the central square, and ask for candies or perform pranks on the island, participate in Halloween activities, and must collect Halloween supplies and candies. You can now buy candies in Animal Crossing Bells, or you can trade and buy more candies on other players’ islands. On Halloween, you can dress up like a mage, put on your own Halloween costume, put on a scary pumpkin mask, and become a troublemaker. Obtain candies at the villagers’ homes. If you don’t have enough candies, you can re-enter the villagers’ houses to cause trouble, and you can still get candies again. You also wandered to exchange special items.

    You can start planting pumpkins immediately. We will plant pumpkins on the island. First, buy pumpkin seeds from the Animal Crossing store. It takes about six days for these pumpkin seeds to harvest pumpkins of different colors.

     The Animal Game update added scary costumes for players before October 31st, and players can find different costumes in the Nook Miles Tickets. There are animal costumes and sharp animal hats, wizard clothes, robes, etc. You can also customize skin color, hair color, and eye color. Players can also exchange purchase items with friends to buy clothes they like. You can buy and try different styles of costumes to participate in Halloween events.