Animal crossing small animal strategy

  • Animal crossing small animal strategy

    There are 383 small animals in Animal Crossing. This figure is a little bit beyond my expectations. However, setting up small animals is the proudest highlight of the Animal Crossing Association in the past. In Animal Crossing, how many ways are there to raise small animals?
    Random animals at the beginning of the game
    After the game starts, the player will place the small animal's home under Rick's guidance and automatically invite two random small animals into his island. These two are your most senior little animals on the uninhabited island. I am a Rhino Chai sister and dear brother who love fitness.

    The uninhabited island attracts small animals
    As the plot develops, Rick will tell you that this uninhabited island attracts more small animals who want to emigrate. You need to go to the store to purchase Buy Nook Miles Tickets to build small animal houses and indoor and outdoor furniture for them. This time there will be three small animals coming to your island, and these three will have priority over the small animals you invite. How to invite small animals to your island? The answer is to use mileage travel vouchers!
    After inviting 3 small animals, the player has completed the task of building a shop, building 3 houses and furniture. These small animals will move in on the next day~ It should be noted that the house will be invited on the next day. I came here on the third day, only once a day. At this stage, the player can only invite up to three small animals. Later, after the critters move and leave, you can still refresh new critters on the uninhabited island.

    The camp attracts small animals
    As the plot develops, Rick will ask you to build a camping camp on the island. After completing the location selection, random animals will come to your island the next day. Pay attention to the first person to camp. You must invite to the island, otherwise, he will not leave.

    As the story progresses, the option of amiibo will appear on the office ATM. If you have an amiibo card, you can call through the R joystick near the NS controller, and then the animal will come to your campsite as a guest. You can also invite small animals summoned by amiibo to take a group photo on Bahia Island. Through amiibo, you can also buy some special furniture and props, and you can also buy Animal Crossing Items For Sale in the store. However, the current price of amiibo is quite expensive, if you have the technology, you can make amiibo yourself.