Wholesale flat embroidery machine


    Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional embroidery machine manufacturer. We produce professional flat embroidery machines. Let me introduce the functions of the flat embroidery machine.

    First of all, the flat embroidery machine has a wide application range and is easy to operate. Secondly, it has the functions of automatic color change and automatic cutting. This makes the flat embroidery machine very easy to use.

    Here is a very popular flat embroidery machine from our company. Its name is 916 Flat embroidery machine.

    Some details of this flat embroidery machine:

    1. 9 Needle, 16 heads

    2. Embroidery Area: 600*1000mm, 500mm head distance.

    3. Main motor: DAHAO 528 computer.

    4. With trimming.

    5. Main shaft servo motor.

    6. XY stepping motor.

    7. Max speed: 850-1000rpm.

    8. Vacuum packing with wooden box

    9. Option aiable: Flat, cap/t-shirt

    USD/SET (FOB NINGBO): 5500-30000


    PACKING SIZE (cm):745*260*170cm

    We produce professional flat embroidery machines, and can provide you with quality services. If you are interested in our 916 flat embroidery machine, come and buy it from us! For details, please consult: flat embroidery machine.