Briefly analyze the working principle of multi heads embroidery


    Computerized embroidery machines can be divided into multiple heads and single heads, but in terms of control principles, the two are basically the same.

    The mechanical structure of the machine head of the embroidery machine is basically similar to that of the ordinary sewing machine. The power of the machine head comes from a variable speed motor, which we call the power motor.

    The power motor can be an electromagnetic clutch motor. The power motor only drives the needle of the sewing machine to move up and down. Each revolution can make the needle go up and down once to complete one stitch. When embroidering, the fabric is fixed on a stretcher, and the movement of the stretcher is controlled by two control motors. Here we use a stepper motor. The synchronous adjustment of the powerful motor and the stepping motor is controlled by a computer.

    The multi-head computerized embroidery machine is the automatic operation of sewing and embroidery under the control of the computer system. It can be used for multi-head selenium or part of the machine head. Each machine head has multiple needles, and each needle can use one color of embroidery thread. In the embroidering process, automatic color-changing embroidery can be carried out according to the color design in the pattern. The embroidered pattern is input by paper tape and stored in the computer. According to the needs of the embroiderer, the stored pattern can be selected for embroidering. The embroidery can be a whole piece. Fabric continuous embroidery can also be embroidered by single or multiple machines to form a single or combined embroidery pattern.

    The entire embroidery process is controlled by a computer. The operator only needs to select a pattern, and install the fabric on the frame according to its operating procedure, and then the embroidery can be carried out.

    During the operation, if a malfunction occurs, the operation can be automatically stopped, the signal will be displayed, and the operator will continue to embroider after the malfunction is eliminated until the embroidery is completed.

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