Analyze the different between computer and manual embroidery

  •  Now, more and more people are using computerized embroidery machines to replace manual embroidery. So what is the difference between computerized embroidery and manual embroidery?

    1) In terms of quality, manual embroidery is smoother and softer and does not require embroidered linings, while computerized embroidery requires embroidered linings and appears hard. Therefore, manual embroidery is suitable for art, while computerized embroidery is suitable for clothing, shoes and hats. Crafts.

    2) In terms of speed, hand embroidery is very slow, while computer embroidery is very fast, which can be hundreds of times faster than hand embroidery.

    Embroidery fabrics embroidered by computers have gradually become people's ideal textile consumer fabrics. Colorful embroidery threads and unpredictable collocation make the embroidery fabrics more and more colorful. At the same time, according to different embroidery fabrics, choose the most suitable craft accessories. , To achieve the best embroidery effect.

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