Five advantages of sequins embroidery machine


    The sequins embroidery machine adopts a variety of uniquely designed sequins feeding flower discs/feeding cams/needle oscillating flower discs, sewing sequins presenting a variety of different patterns and effects.

    The mechanical design of the sequin embroidery machine makes the sewing more stable, smooth and durable. Its main uses are thin/medium-thick fabrics, clothing, curtains, tablecloths and other sequin decorations, etc. General special sequin embroidery machines have a long service life and are not easy to wear, efficient and stable.

    Generally, a sequins embroidery machine places a sequin on the fabric in a specified direction, and at the same time, the embroidery needle pierces the fabric at the center of the sequin to fix the sequin position and then punctures a few stitches back and forth along the outer edge of the sequin to enclose the sequin, make it close to the fabric.

    The sequins embroidery machine produced by Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has the following advantages

    1. The sequins have a flashing effect. The free-swimming glitter is fixed on the grid. The reflection effect of the glitter can absorb the light source from any direction, and combined with its own color, it highlights the unique performance effect. The glittering and gorgeous is its major feature.

    2. Able to produce new dynamic visual effects.

    3. The product has a low cost and obvious effect, which brings unlimited business opportunities to the advertising industry and the decorative material market.

    4. Suitable for flat embroidery + sequin models.

    5. Support multi-sequin embroidery function.

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