Towel embroidery is a very popular embroidery method


    The towel embroidery in the special embroidery machine belongs to the three-dimensional embroidery, which is a kind of embroidery. Because the effect is very similar to the towel cloth, it is also called the towel embroidery. The computerized towel embroidery machine can embroider any flower shape, any color, and the embroidered flowers, trees, animals, graphics, cartoon characters, etc., have the characteristics of gorgeous colors, novel patterns, rich layers, and strong three-dimensional impression, which are popular among consumers and designs. Favored by teachers, it is very popular recently. It is widely used in clothing, home accessories, handicrafts and other industries.

    In towel embroidery, the bottom thread is relaxed, the upper thread is tightened, and the bottom thread is turned over the embroidery surface. The needle movement method is to travel in a straight line, so that the line is not chaotic, and the curl-like towel pattern effect can be produced, making the pattern thick and thick. If the straight line is changed to the embroidery method of continuous small circles when stitching, a series of small chrysanthemum shapes will be produced on the embroidery surface. This stitching method is called "turning bottom chrysanthemum stitch". It is used to embroider patterned flower cores with the best effect.

    Towel embroidery is a very popular embroidery method on European and American clothing, because its effect is like sticking a towel cloth, soft to the touch, flat, and various shapes and colors. When embroidering, through the special towel head, the ordinary embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine, and one loop after another is wound to bring out the towel effect, so as to achieve the effect of towel embroidery. Towel embroidery can also be embroidered according to the drawings.

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