Future fans are mad at Russell Wilson for wishing Baby Future a

  • Ru sell Wilson caught the Devin Gardner Jersey attention of Future fans Tuesday when he wished baby Future a happy birthday on Twitter.

    My inspiration. My best friend. Full of Love, Joy & Grace. I thank Jesus for u & being able to lead & guide u.Your future is forever endle s & I pray you swim into every opportunity & obstacle in Zavier Simpson Jersey life w/ this much Love & Enthusiasm.Happy 6th BDay Future!Daddy loves you!

    Ru sell Wilson (@DangeRu sWilson)

    Future is a rapper who had a Michael Schofield Jersey child with singer Ciara namedFuture Zahir Wilburn. Ciara is now married to Wilson, who has taken an active role in the young Future's life as a stepfather. But some, mostly fans of the rapper, aren't comfortable with how close Wilson has become with baby Future.

    In fact, "Baby Future" began trending on Twitter as he celebrated his sixth birthday. But you'll find in that trending topic are discu sing the Ben Braden Jersey drama between the rapper and the NFL player. For what it's worth, the rapper also wished baby Future a happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday FUTURE. Love u FOREVER twin

    FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future Dymonte Thomas Jersey )



    Just look up "baby Future" or "Ru sell Wilson" or "Future" on Twitter and you'll see plenty of opinions coming in regarding the relationship between everyone. There were plenty of others, however, who went in Jake Butt Jersey the opposite direction and said people shouldn't have a problem with Wilson calling himself baby Future's "daddy."


    Jon Dope (@JonJon_Dtown)

    The love Ru sell Wilson has for baby Future is truly beautiful to see! Any person mad about that is simply a weirdo..

    ebony Mike Hart Jersey jenkins (@chocolatesunn)

    This hilarious cause baby Future aint even on twitter. They tweeted this for yall lol

    he cold (@featslaflare)

    Look Im Jordan Poole Jersey the biggest Future fan around but nobody should have an i sue with this man treating his step son like a son. Thats a ble sing for baby Future

    (@OhSayLe s Jordan Nwogu Jersey )

    It's funny how Future tweets about Baby Future like he is the Step Dad and Ru s Wilson tweets like he is the Dad.It is hilarious to me.

    Skip V5 (@SkipFromBk)

    Baby Future is super ble sed. Didnt Future say hes not able to be around all of his kids that much bc of his career? So baby future gets 3 succe sful parents and parents that are physically there. Thats cool GO BLUE Jersey to me

    Torie. (@_noTORIEty)