Bold Bucks fan buys Danica Patrick a drink in front of Aaron Ro

  • Cameras caught a Bucks fan buying Danica Patrick a drink as she sat courtside with boyfriend Aaron Rodgers during Milwaukee's 116-91 win over the Boston Celtics Justin Turner Jersey on Wednesday.

    Things got a bit awkward when the former Mike Piazza Jersey NASCAR driver attempted to pay:

    Free drinks for Danica Patrick in Milwaukee

    Dime (@DimeUPROXX)


    Rodgers, who has been dating Patrick since January of 2018, didn't seem to mind the nicegesture. But of course, Twitter had Maury Wills Jersey a lot to say about the interaction:

    This guy knows what it means to shoot your Kirk Gibson Jersey shot. A fan buys Danica Patrick and her friend drinks with Aaron Rodgers right there

    Proce sing (@Proce sing_Pod)

    Or maybe she ordered drinks and the middle guy was in between and wanted to be nice so he took care of Kenta Maeda Jersey it.

    Sam Dekker (@dekker)

    I dont care how much is in Russell Martin Jersey the checking, Im buying Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick a beer any chance I get. Great move by that guy lol

    Kyle Narges (@MrNarge3)

    Slick move by this guy trying to steal Danica from right behind Joe Kelly Jersey Aaron Rodgers back.

    Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow)

    Aaron must have lost his wallet...

    Bob Brainerd (@BobBrainerd)

    Danica talking to the guy who bought her the drink instead of witne sing the dunk.

    Matt Stoltz (@StoltzMatt)

    Shooters gonna shoot.

    Logan Forsythe Jersey Stephen Watson (@WISN_Watson)

    Am A. J. Pollock Jersey I the only one who looks at this and says "God ble s Wisconsin" and not "this guy is trying to pick up Danica?"

    Kevin Kaduk (@KevinKaduk)

    The guy buying Danica Patrick drinks and trying to chat her up while Aaron Rodgers sits beside her at the Celtics game is trying to Yasmani Grandal Jersey outkick double coverage with two broken legs.

    Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller)