Blizzard has banned a large number of World of Warcraft Classic

  • Just now, Blizzard banned about 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic accounts, most of which are problematic. These accounts were found to be collecting resources and killing enemies using automated tools without actual players being present.

    According to regulations, the use of automated tools does not comply with the End-User License Agreement of World of Warcraft Classic. But there are online software transactions that can speed up development. In the Blizzard forum, zombies have brought panic, seriously affecting players’ experience of World of Warcraft Classic, but this is inevitable.

    Blizzard said they will pay attention to this problem and find a way to solve it. But the problem of automated software transactions takes time to solve. Blizzard said that as a result of real currency transactions, Blizzard's detection system will be circumvented by third parties. This World of Warcraft Classic Gold is an advantage for Blizzard, but it is also the only priority for profit-oriented zombie organizations. The cost of their business development is Blizzard's ban.

    The studio claims that although he continues to strengthen and develop his own testing process, he still needs manual evidence to prove it. The tricky problem is that some players who are more enthusiastic about this are similar to automatic accounts.

    After the legitimate player's gaming behavior is reported, and then the inappropriate behavior is deleted, the player will feel very disappointed in the robot. There are also some more realistic examples that after the player was reported, the behavior was restarted on another account."World of Warcraft" is a paradise for players. After some players have finished their busy day at work, they can relax here. I think for these players, they have not enough energy to get WOW Classic Gold in the game. Therefore will be their most correct choice.