Phantasy Star Online 2 release window has been fixed

  • Sega announced in a press release through MassivelyOP that Phantasy Star Online 2 as an eight-year-old game still uses Japanese as the game language today. This game will appear on PCs in North America for the first time in late May, and you can only see it in the Microsoft Store. The occurrence of this incident made the rumors self-defeating.
    This year, MMORPG will also be launched on Steam, and now Xbox One players can snap up purchases on the Microsoft Store.

    We still don’t know if the studio will eventually release the game on Valve’s PC platform. It’s just a guessing stage. It is also possible that he will be released on Steam in the future. Sega also expressed his opinion under the public opinion of the players.

    This incident was made as part of the announcement. The studio said that when the release date of Xbox and PC approaches, PSO2 will be cross-played between Xbox and PC. So you can fight with your friends in the game. I am very happy thinking about it.

    The PSO2 Meseta for Sale "fully localized" role dubbing and text will be the features of the North American version, which includes the content of the past three years. The function of "the latest balance of Japanese services and the improvement of quality of life" has also been introduced to the market as a major focus.

    The specific date has not yet been confirmed, and many players are already waiting for the PC version. So May is a month worth waiting for.

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