Halloween event of World Of Warcraft Classic

  • Blizzard is doing his best to help cheer up this season. World Of Warcraft Classic has been developed by developers inspired by Halloween events. This update is aimed at players of World Of Warcraft Classic. Both World Of Warcraft Classic and modern retail version World Of Warcraft have activation activities, but World Of Warcraft Classic activities are always much less, so few players can hardly see it.

    A very interesting thing happened, the forgotten faction can no longer be controlled by the Lich King, they burned a giant wicker man to celebrate the arrival of this day. Here players can get a pumpkin bag with an unusual quality 16-slot bag as a reward. Any undead creature above level 50 can drop a pumpkin bag. These rewards are not unique, so you need to work hard to pick them up. But they are used as pickup bindings and cannot be sold.

    In most hotels, players can play apple bobbing, where players can find five Bobbing Apples. Your character will increase his endurance and spirit after eating these apples for ten seconds.

    On Halloween, an island mission line will be launched. Players can enter the game and travel to Buy WOW Classic Gold various places to get candy. Then distribute the candy you get to specific orphan NPCs so that they have an unforgettable holiday, so that you can get reputation and treatment.

    They will get a set of costumes that can turn them into frogs, ghosts, kittens, bones, snakes or mini Diablo in a short period of time after the player is deceived, and they cannot be eliminated in the World of Warcraft Classic Gold short term. But you can make other players change through random costume wands.

    If you get a snack bag, you are really lucky, you will get a lot of consumable candies. In addition, you can also get costume wands and even masks in various games.Players are extremely happy in "World of Warcraft", but they also worry. The time they can play the game is limited, but they waste too much game time to get WOW Classic Gold. What they need is a website called MMOWTS that can provide them with convenient WOW Classic Gold.