Is the World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch open to players?

  • The expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands has been announced later this year, but its pre-patches have been released. Players can't browse the new areas, dungeons, bosses, and equipment of Shadowlands yet. We can't see the upcoming content. But in fact, some core changes have already been shown in the game.

    At this time, many players think that now is a good opportunity to return to World of Warcraft, and some new players think so. In theory, those experienced players are browsing the new content, so this is the best time to release a new version.

    I found a problem. I have played World of Warcraft Classic for about hundreds of hours, but I think I have only really started to play this game until now. Playing the "retail" version of the game is indeed attractive, but it is also very scary. In the past sixteen hours, I really have a particularly familiar feeling.

    Unlike before, Shadowlands introduced a new starting area called "Exiled Touch". For new players, this is the Vanilla WOW Gold teaching they must go through. For old players, they can choose freely. This is a very good teaching area, where players must upgrade to level ten before they can leave.

    There is a general leveling experience coaching area tailored for new players in World of Warcraft. But the result of this setting is not so satisfactory. In this area, you can learn some basic knowledge such as accepting tasks, attacking enemies, and managing equipment. I believe you have a certain understanding of the Classic WOW Gold working methods of World of Warcraft and MMO, so you may start the game through missions relatively quickly.The time in "World of Warcraft" is extremely happy, but there are also some troubles. Some players have very little time to play games, but they need to spend a lot of time to get WOW Classic Gold. They need a convenient and fast method. At this time, the MMOWTS website began to contribute its own strength.