Black Lotus in World of Warcraft Classic has been repaired

  • The rarest herb in World of Warcraft Classic is Black Lotus, which is also the most popular material for making reagents. Blizzard announced today that they will slightly change the way they are generated in the open world.

    This is not a big deal for the first World of Warcraft world. The number of players in the Classic vanilla game has been increasing, and the basic knowledge that the players have mastered has become more and more abundant. They have begun to plant Black Lotus frantically.

    As a kind of herbal medicine, the supply of The Black Lotus is very limited. Its planting speed simply cannot keep up with its market demand, so the price of Black Lotus has been rising. From now on, players are starting to camp at the spawn point by using multiple accounts. In addition, they will plant on servers with few people and then transfer to large servers.

    Blizzard reacted to this out-of-control behavior, and he planned to shorten the time between the emergence of Black Lotus. In order to increase the supply and reduce the potential of the Black Lotus "mafia" to control the market, the potential spawning locations were increased.

    At the beginning, the designer imposed technical restrictions on the World of Warcraft Classic Gold Black Lotus in World of Warcraft. Kaivax, as the World of Warcraft community manager, said that now players are no longer restricted and Black Lotus can appear once in a wider area. All they have to do is to narrow the difference with the original World of Warcraft. According to the current situation, design an effective design intent for the player.

    Blizzard's statement actually shows that the developers have more or less deviated from the original "World of Warcraft" track. The Classic WOW Gold biggest controversy in the development of Classic is whether Blizzard intends to change the original way of the game.Black Lotus is really precious in "World of Warcraft". Players have grown this drug out of control. I think players have the same demand for WOW Classic Gold, but what I want to say is that you only need to log in to MMOWTS to purchase WOW Classic Gold.