Halloween event in World Of Warcraft has started

  • Both versions in World Of Warcraft are being tested at this time. We discussed he Classic version of the Hallow’s End event, players can continue to pay attention to this, we need to discuss the retail version of World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

    I guess Halloween is the first thing you can notice. Although it is similar to the Classic version, you can do more things like going to any candy bucket in the hotel to get some snacks. If you like this very much, the first thing you have to do is to re-upgrade the character. Before the release of Shadowlands, it was a paradise for experience lovers. Here players can use the 10% experience gain, which is very different from the new leveling system.

    You need to be able to seize this opportunity well. In places other than faction activities, what you need to do is to go to Undercity for Horde, Stormwind for Alliance, and click on the ashes nearby there.

    After you use Dungeon Finder to remove the Headless Horseman yourself, you will have to rely on your own luck. The dungeon here is relatively simple and fast. You can quickly gain experience and upgrade your character here. It is worth noting that the knight will drop the precious Loot-Filled Pumpkin when you are level 45 and above.

    Your level will determine what you can get, and all the things you get are closely related to your level, so there is no definite data to provide you. You can get 21 additional achievements, as well as holy titles. You have to seize this opportunity to ensure that you complete all the Vanilla WOW Gold achievements during the holiday so that you don't have to spend a year to complete it again.

    Garrison decorations, costumes and candy lovers are some indispensable things. You need to Buy WOW Classic Gold go where you can find the mount so that the cavalry can get down as quickly as possible.In "World of Warcraft", there are many equipment that can improve character skills. These equipment can help players have a good performance in "World of Warcraft". So the players' demand for WOW Classic Gold is self-evident, what they need is a sufficient amount of WOW Classic Gold. What MMOWTS has to do is to provide players with the WOW Classic Gold they need at the right time.