You should enter World of Warcraft Shadowlands now

  • Don't think you have missed the last train of World of Warcraft. Since 2004, the world of Azeroth has become easier and easier. After the new pre-patch program went live, World of Warcraft Shadowlands was launched, and its threshold was lowered.

    If you are an experienced player of World of Warcraft, what you have left is some expansion features. Or you, as a novice player who has never been exposed to such games. The two innovations of the new highest level and freely selectable expansion make this balancing effect possible.

    This Classic WOW Gold is the first time in World of Warcraft history that the new Shadowlands expansion has chosen to lower the level limit instead of increasing the level limit. The current pre-patch will not lower your level to 130, it will lower your level from 80 to 50. After entering the Shadowlands game, you can play until level 60.

    World of Warcraft is about to return to its original level limit state before the first expansion. Such a reduction seems to be advantageous to us. You can save your time by eliminating levels. The developer stated that you may be 70% faster than before the hierarchy evaporated.

    In addition to the time factor, there are many advantages in this matter. You will not lose your way as you climb through the endless tunnel of level numbers. Before, you may need to Buy WOW Classic Gold unlock new features in the talent tree until you have climbed 15 levels. Now there are only five simple levels. So the current progress bar is more enjoyable, and you will have a deep feeling about the powerful process of your character.

    The search experience has also changed. You must quickly pass through the various expansion areas before the "level compression" takes place. Because you have been razed to the ground in the middle of the story and then moved on to the next area, you may not have noticed many of the expanded stories in this area. You can choose to expand the scope of the game in Chromie's time-lapse campaign.For new and old players, the existence of "World of Warcraft" is a very happy thing. "World of Warcraft" has been online for 15 years, and its popularity has not diminished. If players lack WOW Classic Gold in the game, I think the MMOWTS website can help you.