Unbelievable 14th in World of Warcraft Classic

  • In large-scale role-playing games, some shortcomings are long and demanding. After World of Warcraft Classic became the infamous fourteenth place, nothing is more difficult than this. Many players need to rest for several weeks to complete these tasks. Many people can't escape this ending, only Sundrix did it. He used three different roles to win the Vanilla WOW Gold 14th place three times.

    So what is the reason for this difficulty? The PvP system of World of Warcraft Classic is designed for bone-hard grind. Few players were able to improve their rankings weeks and months ago and finally reached 14th place. So players have to conduct PvP activities. It is normal to fight for 18 hours on the Cheap WOW Classic Gold battlefield. Because the competition here is fierce, the longer the players play here, the easier it is to get ahead.

    Sundrix comes from Herod, a US server, and he has solved this difficult task three times. Sundrix, Sunwrix and Sundrixm are his three roles, and they all rushed to 14th place together. He spent at least 50 weeks of PvP time for this, which means that almost all of his time is spent on the PvP battlefield.

    But it is undeniable that this achievement is beyond the reach of ordinary people. If you want to achieve this goal, you need to plan at least a year in advance to reach 14 people.

    We have seen a lot from him. Sundrix spent a year pursuing its goals, and he knew the entire development of the PvP system in Classic. According to him, this open PvP is healthy and fun, but now it has become a survival game. There are more and more members of his faction. After he opened the battlefield, he joined the prefab team. They encountered repeated failures on the way to destroy the tribe.Do you want to know something about the long history of "World of Warcraft"? Do you want to know why "World of Warcraft" has not been eliminated by the market after 15 years? If you want to know, you can enter the game to find the answer. What I can do is to help you find sites like MMOWTS. If you need WOW Classic Gold in your game, then it is when MMOWTS reflects its value.