How many players still play World of Warcraft

  • In 2004, World of Warcraft was launched for the WOW Classic Gold first time as a game made at the beginning of the MO era. It has been many years since World of Warcraft, but there are still many players in this game. There are many experienced players who have played World of Warcraft for many years, and they have been attracted by this game. Last year, after World of Warcraft Classic went live, many new players joined the queue. But some people might want to know how many people are still playing World of Warcraft?

    There is no way to give an exact answer to this question. Blizzard is the only person who knows the number of official players. In 2015, Blizzard released information about its player base. At that time, World of Warcraft had approximately 5.6 million subscribers worldwide. But after five years of this data, it is not accurate anymore.

    In 2015, the total number of players in World of Warcraft was 5.6 million. In 2020, the total number of players in World of Warcraft is only 4.8 million. About 800,000 have been reduced in five years. This shows a downward trend. For this MMO released 16 years ago, it still has 4.8 million players. World of Warcraft has existed for more than ten years, and there should be a long time before its end. In recent years, the general penetration rate of the MMO category has declined, causing the MMO ranking to begin to decline.

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    This downward trend appears in World of Warcraft, but it does not affect its always active player community. Even World of Warcraft's monthly subscription system is like this. To reverse this downward trend, Blizzard should pay more attention to the opinions of players and meet their needs. The launch of World of Warcraft Classic caused a sensation and doubled the number of players in World of Warcraft.The charm of World of Warcraft is still enduring after so many years, and it ushered in a new high after World of Warcraft Classic went online. is a website designed to provide players in the game with the most practical WOW Classic Gold service. You can try to click on the MMOWTS website to get unexpected surprises.