Halloween event in World of Warcraft

  • Players of World of Warcraft will not enter the Shadowlands for a long time, which does not hinder the normal life of Azeroth's heroes. With the help of the latest patch, players can adapt well to class changes and squeeze horizontally. The past expansion can be adjusted horizontally. Players still have a lot of time to celebrate the holidays. Players can participate in Halloween 2020 from October 13th to November 1st.

    Halloween reflects the situation in real life, this situation can remind people of Classic, the forsaken out of the control of the Lich King is a thing to celebrate. In 2020, the imminent natural disasters in Shadowlands will become a very important seasonal event.

    More than 130 candy buckets are placed in every area in the entire Azeroth world and other worlds. Players who want to get a bag full of Tricky Treats, event currency and other Halloween cosmetics may be obtained after interacting with these buckets. You can even get an instant-cast Magic Broom mount. What players should understand is that players can have the opportunity to "deceive" or "treat" them, as long as the player can complete the candy bucket task. It can not only add light to the clothing, but also transform and transform the character.

    "Shade of the Horseman" will regularly launch attacks on each World of Warcraft's starting town, causing multiple buildings to catch fire. Players can get the task of extinguishing these Classic WOW Gold firepower from the NPC "Masked Orphan Matron". If these tasks are completed, the "shade" will become attackable. Players will get additional missions after defeating him.

    Alliance and Horde players who want to complete more daily tasks can go to Stormwind and Undercity. Here players can put out their wicker man fire by pranking another faction with a smelly bomb. Completing the wicker man task can get 10% experience points and reputation gains, which can be added to the ongoing 100% gains to Buy WOW Classic Gold the Legion and the Battle for Azeroth faction.World of Warcraft has a very long history, and its lasting appeal comes from its game itself. The MMOWTS website can help players improve their gaming experience by improving their equipment. Like many people, choosing to buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS is your right choice.