Madden 20 wants to bring the best players experience

  • Madden games are often quite repetitive. There are few major changes in gameplay and functionality that really change the conventions, and EA often chooses to improve the content that gamers complained about last year. This year, even more than most, the Madden 20 feels like a bunch of small changes and features. There is little improvement in the sense of graphics, and the playing method of the game is basically the same, although to some extent, everything has been fine tuned. These are some of the additional features of the existing model that can be added to the same great football experience. As long as you don't expect a big change, the top 20 will meet our expectations from franchising.

    Madden 20 wants to bring the best players in the League to the forefront of live games by introducing superstar players and X-factor capabilities. The characteristics of superstars and the unlocked X-factor ability no longer rely on a set of statistics to distinguish excellent players from ordinary players, but to endow excellent players with powerful attributes. These are the passive characteristics that players have from the beginning of the game, and the unlocking ability that can be activated by completing the goals in the game. Players like Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears are not quite household names, but they are fast attacking players. As a passive feature, he can keep the ball as long as it is in his hand. His teammate Khalil Mack has super X-factor ability. He also has a passive personality, which makes him better than other defenders. However, if you accomplish your goal in the game, he will unlock the "unstoppable force" x factor, which will enable him to get out of the way faster and rush to the quarterback faster.

    Although the characteristics of X-factor and superstar will change the rules of the hot to buy mut coins greatly, the unlocked X-factor function is not an instant win. However, they will help you a lot in attacking and defending the ball . On the pitch, Madden feels good. Before the game was released, the development team boasted about how the game would make fewer mistakes than in previous years, and it did. Madden 20 does feel less prickly than in recent years. A few years ago, the introduction of new physical systems undoubtedly experienced the pain of continuous development, and this year feels like the best year. It's not perfect, but fewer errors are better than more, and the popularity of animation failure and distortion players is much lower. In terms of improvement, the game is relatively stable, and some minor improvements have been made to the running game to get a smoother feeling.

    Of course, the field operation is also easy to toggle, and the startup process is unbelievable. This runs through the core game models of this year's " madden ", namely franchise, story and ultimate team model. Face of franchise becomes the story model of Madden 20. Longshot disappeared two years after becoming a story based game business model. Instead, you control a high school player who has been recruited at some of NCAA's best universities. You can play your own story in the national championship playoffs before entering the NFL merger and NFL Draft Convention. After that, it's all about winning and improving your players. Although face of franchising has quite a number of choices and narrative structures at the beginning, when you enter NFL, it can obviously be broken down into quite standard career models.

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    The Madden ultimate team is probably the most attractive of all the different game modes in the Madden 20, even though the online Solitaire collector offers a lot of diversity. Whether you want to build a team by completing a computer challenge, play with friends, or compete with the online Madden community, there's something for you. Madden developers have been investing more and more in mut over the past few years, which really shows that. The limit of ultimate team is far less than that of previous years. In Madden 20, using this mode, you will always get something new and unique in the first 10 hours or so. As you spend more time, you will surely see the effect of currency pegging, because the model does become a bit ridiculous after a while. However, live action and the management of the final team still make the game model attractive.

    You'll have to wait longer for companies that want Madden developers to eventually complete their deals in a restructured franchise model that year. Madden's franchise model doesn't actually bring anything new. While there's a lot of room for improvement here to integrate many different and fascinating aspects of the NFL, it includes players, the drama of the league, and a lot of decisions that franchises make in a year - Madden feels like he's still using the formula from about 10 years ago, and the good news is that franchising can be done online, including choosing to do fantasy shows to build the best team Team options. Playing with friends is still a good model, but if / when it comes to the end, welcome to the franchise model for more depth.

    While most of the Madden 20 does feel like lateral movement in function and mode, it's a refined year for this series. The goal of introducing X-factor and superstar players is to bring the best players in the NFL to the forefront of the game. When it comes to virtual football, Madden is still the main choice for NFL fans, and if you are eager for annual maintenance, you will never be disappointed. The good news is that as we approach the end of the console cycle, the game will continue to become more stable. Although we are all eager to make radical changes to the game, these changes do have disadvantages. In terms of function and visual effect, the " madden 20" may be as good as we are going to enter the ps5 and the next Xbox world.

    It can only be said that the development of technology has greatly promoted the development of the game. Madden has always been the game people are looking forward to. Thankfully, the performance of Madden 20 is good enough and has been unanimously identified by the players. When you check the sale of steam, you will have an intuitive feeling.

    Thanks to the development of technology, the painting quality of Madden 20 is better and more realistic. At the same time, due to the adjustment of player evaluation strategy according to the actual performance, the whole game is more realistic, and players can get more sense of participation. The newly added ability of X and super players greatly improves the fun of players. Game. In general, Madden 20 is a game worth trying. If you don't want to spend too much time earning Madden coins, there are some cheap Madden coin stores, such as vhpg. It's really perfect.