Bakelite Parts Are Phenolic Plastics

  • Bakelite Parts is a powdered phenolic resin. After mixing with sawdust, asbestos or clay, extrude it at high temperature with a die. Phenolic resin is the first synthetic resin in the world.
    2. The phenolic plastic is rich in raw materials, the synthesis process is simple, the price is cheap, and the performance is excellent. They remain the largest thermosetting plastics in the world.
    Extended data
    1. Bakelite can be cured after being heated and cannot be molded into other things. It has the characteristics of no water absorption, non-conductivity, high temperature resistance and high strength, and is widely used in electrical products.
    2. Although bakelite products are heated during the molding process, the processing time is longer than ordinary plastics, and the mold wear is relatively high. Steel products are more demanding. However, due to the price advantage of raw materials, it is still the preferred alternative for many plastic parts. product.
    3. Electrical boards are used as rubber boards and phenolic laminates. It is made of high-quality purely synthetic petrochemical raw materials. Wooden board made of resin adhesive.
    4, bakelite has been widely used in many places in our lives, such as: bakelite sockets, bakelite switches, handles, handles, tissue boxes, kitchen stove plates, bakelite tea trays, billiards, etc.