Automotive Stamping Parts For Car Repair

  • If you plan to overhaul or repair your vehicle, you will need new Automobile Press Parts. Generally, depending on the requirements of the vehicle, budget, and personal preferences, multiple options can be considered for purchase. Here is a brief comparison of the main new auto parts options: OE, OEM, and aftermarket.

    Original equipment (OE)
    Original equipment refers to automotive parts designed and manufactured as the original components of a vehicle. These products are the official product brands of your vehicle manufacturer. For example, BMW parts will be packaged with the BMW logo. OE parts are sold through authorized distributors.

    Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
    Automakers typically outsource the manufacture of auto parts to tier one suppliers and advanced manufacturers. Like OE parts, OEM replacement parts are identical to the original parts installed in the vehicle. However, they are branded according to their actual manufacturer (such as Bosch), rather than carrying a formal mark such as BMW.

    Auto parts auto parts
    Auto parts are not manufactured by companies associated with the original car manufacturer. They are usually manufactured by third-party vendors. The cost of aftermarket parts is significantly lower than OE and OEM parts, but may or may not include warranty. The quality of the product is usually the same, but may be higher or lower than the OEM parts, so it is important to buy the product from a trusted company. In addition, using auto parts, you can purchase unique automotive parts to change and upgrade the performance of your vehicle.

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