Beverage Cooler With Uv-resistant Glass

  • Product description

    Color: stainless steel

    Whether you are a fan of red or white wine, or living in a home with a variety of tastes, the Beverage Cooler 30-inch built-in dual-zone French door wine cabinet will ensure that your wine is refrigerated to the exact specifications. The LED lighting and French door design of this high-tech refrigerator provide a dazzling display, all of which can easily accommodate up to 56 standard-sized wine bottles (750 mL). Twelve wooden shelves with stainless steel panels allow you to quickly select and arrange your collection, while the bottom of the interior is fan-shaped to accommodate more bottles. Chenjia Beverage Cooler is equipped with UV-resistant glass, carbon filter and factory-installed safety locks, designed to meet your needs. Temperature range: The temperature ranges of the left and right cooling zones are 40-65 ° F, so you can store multiple wines at precise temperature settings. Efficient: In order to maintain the required climate settings, the wine cabinet's highly efficient compressor and internal circulation fan work simultaneously to distribute cold air evenly throughout the room. Easy to install: No matter where you choose to install this 56 bottle wine cabinet, its front ventilation design can easily meet the understage, embedded and stand-alone applications. Digital control panel: Quickly adjust each with the digital control panel and LED display Set the temperature of the zone and switch the internal LED lighting. Carbon protection: Each cooling zone is EdgeStar carbon filtered to prevent harmful odors and debris from entering inside and inside. A safety lock that affects your wine: helps maintain a consistent internal temperature while preventing any unwanted tampering by using a factory-installed safety lock. Striking interior lighting: both climate zones are equipped with blue internal LEDs Lighting so you can illuminate your bottle for an attractive display and guests will not be able to stop watching