Glass Top Freezer-Right For You


      Static cooling system, good insulation and temperature equalization.China Visi Cooler,intuitive and safe.Wih progress of the times,bringing the China visi cooler and technology continue to reform and innovate,taking keeping pace with the times as our guide.Large-radius spherical glazing and uorescent shelf lighting.

      Environment protecting,safe and high-efficiency China visi cooler,favored by users and approved by the authourity of the quality leader in the line.We will continue to build up on the field of kitchen supply with new innovation coming into industry with true dedication and performance to forge a mutual growth.

      The system reduces the number of defrosts, which are activated on the basis of the time the Glass Top Freezer is actually open.It is a glass top freezer full of cold, whose simplicity and overall visibility are the result of brand new technological solutions, such as the invisible front air intake.