Working Principle of 5/2 Way Pneumatic single Solenoid Valve

  • A valve is a device that regulates the flow of fluid (gases, liquids,fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening and closing or partially obstructing passage ways.

    5/2 Way Pneumatic Valve from the name itself has 5 ports equally spaced and 2 flow positions. It can be use to isolate and simultaneously bypass a passage way for the fluid which for example should retract or extend a double acting cylinder.

    Working principle of 5/2 pneumatic single solenoid valve

    When the 5-way 2-position pneumatic solenoid valve (single solenoid control) is not power on, the valve core, affected by the installed spring force from one side of the valve body, reclines to one side of the pilot head. The gas circuit maintains its original state and makes no exchange.

    When the 5/2-way pneumatic single solenoid valve is powered on, the magnetic power is generated to open the pilot head. At the moment, the air supply pressure of the solenoid valve inlet enters the chamber on the other side of the valve core. The two sides of the solenoid valve are subject to the spring force and air supply pressure.

    In the process of design, the pneumatic solenoid valve should ensure the spring force to be smaller than the air supply pressure. At the moment, the valve core moves towards the spring direction, resulting in external squeezing of the spring. Because of changes with the valve core position within the valve body, the gas circuit is also changed.

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