Freeze Dried Fruit Machine Temperature Design Standards

  • Operation confirmation of Lyophilization Equipment means confirming that the operation status of each unit in the system, various parameters and operation reliability of the whole system can meet the predetermined design requirements under normal operation conditions.  The following mainly introduces the plate temperature requirements of the lower freeze-drying equipment:

    1. Verification of Temperature Uniformity and Temperature Control Capability of Freeze-drying Equipment Plate

    Mainly check and confirm the uniformity of plate temperature and temperature control capability of freeze-drying equipment during no-load operation shall meet the design requirements.

    1. Qualification Standards

    (1) the temperature difference between each point of the plate layer is not more than+/-1℃.

    (2) the average temperature difference between the plates is not more than 1℃.

    (3) Record the data after the temperature reaches the set value.

    1. Test Procedure

    (1) The temperature measuring probe shall be tightly attached to the temperature measuring point on the plate layer, requiring the temperature measuring probe to fully contact with the plate layer.

    (2) Start the Freeze Dried Fruit Machine under no-load condition, heat the plates, and carry out temperature uniformity distribution test. Each plate has five temperature test points (two diagonals of each plate), three temperature measurement points at a time, and do it again after adjusting the direction.

    (3) Record the measured temperature value of each plate when the plate temperature rises to 20℃ (or a certain temperature value).

    (4) Evaluating the uniformity of plate temperature shall conform to the standard requirements.