Vegetable Drying Machine Is Simple And Convenient

  • What is a Freeze Dry Machine?  Freeze dryer allows you to freeze-dry food, which is the best way to preserve food–better than canning and dehydration.  There are many reasons why people use freeze dryers.  The most common use of freeze dryers is to preserve garden produce, provide emergency food supplies, make healthy snacks, save leftovers and prepare light meals.
    How much food can be freeze-dried in a year?  Handling four batches of food a week is fairly easy.  If you multiply the number of batches per week by 50 weeks in a year (two weeks off), you can freeze-dry about 200 batches of food in a year.  On average, each batch of freeze dryer can produce 2 # 10 cans of food, equivalent to 400 cans of food per year.
    What is domestic freeze-dried food?  If people want to buy high-quality emergency foods, such as freeze-dried fruits, meat, vegetables and meals (not dehydrated noodles containing some freeze-dried foods), the average cost per can is at least $35, and probably much more.  Vegetable drying equipment can easily produce 400 # 10 cans of food a year.  If it is multiplied by (400) times the value of each can ($35), the value of one year's household freeze-dried food is equal to or greater than $14,000.  * See the table below for more cost comparisons between home freeze-dried food and emergency food purchased in stores.
    How much energy and time does it take to freeze-dry your food?  If one can cut food and press Start, they can run Vegetable Drying Machine.  The device is automatic and beeps after completion.  After batch processing is completed, just pour food into Mylar bag, add oxygen absorbent, and then seal the bag.  Freeze-dried food is stable and can be stored for up to 25 years.