What Are The Price Requirements For Fruit Drying Equipment

  • The quality of freeze-dried fruits is produced in the production process, not detected in the inspection. It not only requires fruit drying equipment, but also has specific requirements on the hardware of the factory. The price of Fruit Drying Equipment sums up the production quality control of freeze-dried fruits and the measures required by the factory as follows:

    (1) freeze-dried fruit production enterprises must have a clean production environment, the production area should be free of pollution sources, the air space and water quality should meet the requirements of food hygiene, the production area and the surrounding should be free of exposed land surface, and increase the green area.

    (2) The plant area shall be divided into administrative, living, production and auxiliary systems.  The administrative, living and production areas shall be at a certain distance. The production workshops shall be arranged according to the requirements of product process characteristics. The spacing shall be appropriate and there shall be no cross-contamination. All operations in the same workshop and adjacent workshops shall not interfere with each other.

    (3) There must be enough space and places in the factory building. The price of fruit drying equipment can be ordered and equipment and materials can be reasonably arranged. According to the technological requirements, the process connection is reasonable, and the flow of people and goods are separated to prevent different varieties from being confused, cross-contamination and omission of production and inspection steps.

    (4) The workshop shall be equipped with appropriate lighting, heating and ventilation equipment, and air conditioning equipment shall be required when necessary to keep the room at an appropriate temperature and humidity.  Lighting, heating equipment and various pipe connections are isolated from the space of the production workshop.

    (5) the workshop should be able to prevent animals and insects from entering, and its internal surface should be smooth with few gaps, and it is not allowed to desquamate or adsorb particulate dust.

    ⑥ The workshop must be graded according to the production process and quality requirements. The general production area (refers to the production workshop, room, etc. without colony count requirements) and the control area (refers to the production workshop and auxiliary room with certain requirements on colony count), and corresponding guarantee measures should be taken.

    ⑦ The interior wall, flat roof and floor of the workshop in the control area shall be made of hard materials, flat and smooth with few gaps, free of particulate matter falling off, easy to clean and disinfect. For rooms with external windows, the windows shall be sealed, the doors shall be smooth, the modeling shall be simple, the closing shall be tight, and the opening direction shall be toward the rooms with high sanitary level.  The air entering the control area shall be filtered by primary and secondary effects, and the zui shall also be filtered. The indoor temperature and humidity shall meet the process requirements. Generally, the positive pressure of 1 ~ 2 Pa shall be maintained, and ultraviolet lamps shall be installed at appropriate places.

    ⑧ Operators should change clothes before entering the production control area through the buffer room. The clothes in the production control area must at least be white coats without buttons, and dust-free overalls are the best choice.

    ⑨ Materials and tools entering the production control area should be cleaned through the buffer room before entering after disinfection.

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