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  • The Fruit Drying Equipment can control the temperature and humidity in the baking room.  The fruit can be directly put into a fruit drying device and adjusted to a temperature and humidity suitable for drying the fruit. When the fruit drying device works, the inside and the outside are heated at the same time, so that the inside and the outside are dehumidified and dried at the same time. The color and appearance of the finally baked fruit remain unchanged, the nutritional components such as chlorogenic acid and the like are well maintained, the energy consumption is low, and the processing time is short.  Pay attention to the following items when using:

    1, fruit drying equipment should be put in indoor dry level, box shell must be effectively grounded.
    2. The test items should not be placed too tightly during installation to facilitate the circulation of hot air. The test items are not allowed to be placed on the floor of the studio to avoid burning the test items due to overheating.  It can be mass produced if the test is qualified.
    3. The interior of the fruit drying equipment workshop will be heated evenly, and the set temperature will be maintained. The interior of the box will be in a constant temperature state. If the temperature continues to rise, attention should be paid to adjustment. This phenomenon will gradually disappear and stabilize after half an hour.
    4. If you want to observe the dryness of fruits in the workshop, you can open the outer door or peek in through the glass door. Do not often open the outer door to avoid heat leakage.
    5. The fruit drying equipment of multi-layer turnover board series is non-explosion-proof products. Do not bake inflammable, explosive and volatile articles to prevent explosion.
    6. If a failure occurs in the use of fruit drying equipment, the equipment can only be used after repair to avoid greater damage to the equipment.  Choose GF Machine equipment, we will bring you perfect after-sales service, choose us, you will not regret it.