Introduction To The Advantages Of Energy Ball Making Machine

  • The Siomai Making Machine is a lot:

    1. The principle of drum forming and rounding is similar to manual processing

    2 The surface of the dough storage hopper is coated with Teflon or PTFE material (capacity 40KG);

    1. The spheronizing conveyor belt is equipped with an automatic dusting machine;

    4 The spheronization device is made of wear-resistant materials and is durable;

    1. Push the dough through the hydraulic system, the cutting component is accurate, the error is small (±2g), and the dough structure is not damaged.

    2. Easy to operate, simple and convenient to clean up, simple to maintain, very low failure rate, CE certification;

    3. The dual-piston flexible segmentation system is patented, and the rounding mold can be replaced according to the product weight. The weight is accurate. The segmentation system is driven by the hydraulic system

    4. It can be removed without tools. Dough parts, drive parts, etc. are isolated in the control box to prevent the influence of external factors such as dust and water

    Recipe operation of Energy Ball Making Machine:
    1. 250g high-gluten flour, 5g yeast, 100ml water, 1 egg, 2g salt, 30g sugar, 20g butter, 100g old noodles, knead into a smooth dough that can be drawn into a film
    2. Put the dough into the Energy Ball Making Machine, divide it into rounds, and then rest
    3. Reshape it into a spherical shape, and ferment it to twice the size for the second time. Coat the surface with egg liquid and sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds;
    4. Put a dish of boiling water into the bottom of the oven, and then preheat the oven to 180 degrees, so that a large amount of water vapor accumulates in the oven, and the baked bread texture is moist and soft. Place it in the middle layer and bake it for 20 minutes.