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Creasing Perforation Machine Supplier?

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    May 25, 2023 11:20 PM EDT

    Why Pick Postroom-online As Your Creasing Perforation Machine Supplier?

    We have a wide range of creasing machines and perforating machines available to us. Having listed the most best models based on their reliability, flexibility and value for money, if you don't see the perfect machine for your application, please don't hesitate to call our expert staff to discuss your application in more detail. As we're experts in print finishing, should you wish to see the finished result from a particular creaser or perforator, we are happy to do test runs with your material on any machine and post the results back to you. Bar vs Wheels Creasing and Perforating: This is the method used by the machine to implement the crease or perforation on to the material. Both methods use a channel underneath the paper/card to push down into. On the bar method a blade comes down much like a guillotine, whereas with the wheel method the stock is fed through the machine using rubber wheels with a spinning metal wheel creating the desired finish.Get more news about Cuber Perforator Machine,you can vist our website!

    Creasing Machines: When paper or card is manufactured, the fibres in the material lay in all directions. When folded by hand the fibres fold in various directions which breaks the surface, resulting in a messy unprofessional finish. Moreover, when printing on coloured stock this will also show through the ink. Using a creasing machine prevents these problems from occurring. Creasing machines compress the fibres in the material forming a U-shaped channel. The material can then be folded without cracking.

    Perforation Machines: A perforation is a process that creates a line of tiny holes in the paper or card. These holes act to create a join-point in the paper, strong enough to hold the material together but weak enough so that should a deliberate pulling pressure be applied, the material will separate in a clean straight cut. Typical applications for perforating machines include tear off cheques, vouchers etc.

    Multi-Function Creaser / Perforators: A machine that does both of the above is called a multi-function creaser / perforator or a 2-in-1 crease and perf machine. Typically the creasing and perforating are created by swapping a crease blade to a perforation blade or vice versa.