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iconic landmark signage You need to know this knowledge before

  • December 12, 2023 2:01 AM EST

    Communication is a very good way to express, everyone has their own ideas, what you know is not the answer that others want to know. After all, not everyone's experience is the same, and badges ensure that all observers have the same information

    Information iconic landmark signage Production: The key of this iconic landmark signage is to introduce it in detail, which is suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, ecological parks and other places, such as the introduction of iconic landmark signage in scenic spots.

    Publicity planning iconic landmark signage Production: Publicity planning iconic landmark signage(publicity column) allows customers to quickly grasp the advantages and disadvantages of related products or companies.

    Production of iconic landmark signage: The key to the iconic landmark signage in the navigation bar is to indicate the location and direction of the indoor space in the relevant area. This is common in large and medium-sized underground parking lots or shopping malls.

    Warning iconic landmark signage Production: Warning iconic landmark signage includes warning signs, emergency fire evacuation signs, and traffic entrance and exit signs. In the event of an emergency or flood disaster, everyone can take appropriate measures according to the standards of warning signs.

    iconic landmark signage