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    April 18, 2021 3:37 PM EDT

    Maintaining a commercial kitchen is not a one time job instead it’s a continuous process of management periodically. Commercial kitchens meet high standards of cleanliness for those who work and dine in the restaurant. This requires constant equipment awareness, staff management, and the ever-changing daily life of the restaurant. Restaurant owners and managers have a lot to do, but maintaining hygiene and health standards is vital to the continued existence of the kitchen. Some of the very essential cleaning task includes Hood Cleaning, Ductwork cleaning & Exhaust fan cleaning, and to keep them maintained one requires special tools and technical training to perform the activity. This is where Hood Cleaners of America come into picture, we are IKECA, MFS & NFPA certified and this makes us unique & one of the most trusted partner for all your cleaning needs.

    We provide commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me in Canada and in USA with both IKECA and MFS certification. This gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that a qualified technician from HCA recognize the importance of fire hazards and perform the duty to have your system NFPA 96 compliance. Our in-house repair and maintenance department can handle all of the repairs with our own technicians or using our affiliate service partners like Captive Aire,  Halton, Hood Depot professionals.

    We have worked with a wide variety of restaurants ranging in size from America’s largest restaurants to local neighborhood eateries (To name a few – McDonalds, Pizzahut, KFC & TGI Firday). We very well acknowledge the concern of restaurant business owners and also understand how important hygiene is to the continued existence of a restaurant. To address all these concern and deliver a peaceful business journey to all the restaurant owners, Mr. Bala founded this company 30 years ago and have built a most experienced and professional team to cater all your needs.

    At Hood Cleaners of America, we can offer the following Product and Installation to maintain your system.

    –              Access Door (ULC – Listed)

    –              Hood Baffle Filters

    –              Grease Containment system

    –              PCU Filters

    –              UV System Parts

    –              Soakers Tanks

    –              Hood Light Globes

    We only use Food Approved Chemicals during our process.

    With all the necessary certifications and 30+ year of experience makes HCA unique, and a Leader in the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning industry.

    If you run a restaurant in Ottawa , CA, Windsor, CA, Pittsburg, PA, Toronto, CA, Vancouver, BC, Calgary, Alberta,  Edmonton, Alberta, Kingston , ON, or Washington, don’t wait until an unexpected fire erupts. Schedule a FREE commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning, call us 1866 696 7969 Now.

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    July 1, 2021 10:34 PM EDT

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