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Learn How to link MS Office subscription?

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    April 26, 2021 8:07 AM EDT

    The MS Office is an amalgamation of various office applications which enable the users to showcase their productivity while compiling up the information or data in presentations. It includes applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, access, and publisher, for the email you have Outlook. This suite has an anti-piracy security feature that is in-built in the office application that requires you to activate the software.


    Best Steps to access the Office account online?

    There is a need to access the Office account online for your convenience. There are certain steps which you need to follow in order to access the Office account online, these steps are as follows:


    1. First of all, you have to open any of the app from your MS Office program.

    2. After this, tap on the “Help” button from the app’s window.

    3. Select the “Activate product” option.

    4. Just select the option “Activate by using the Internet” option.

    5. Select the country from the drop-down menu.

    6. Tap on the “Ok” option to complete the registration process.

    7. You will receive the confirmation when the activation is completed.

    8. Tap on the “OK” to register the product.

    9. After this Microsoft will ask you to complete a short form that includes the credentials.

    10. Just submit the registration form to complete the registration process.

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    How to fix issues McAfee real-time scanning?

    1. Use McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool

    This tool is specifically available on the website to fix issues with whatever McAfee products you are using. You just need to navigate to the official website and download the tool from there. After you have downloaded it, you need to run it on your device so that it could fix real-time issues with your product. After downloading it, do the following:

    ü Click on the "Run" option

    ü Double-tap on the file

    ü Click "Yes" to allow it to make necessary alterations to your device

    ü Be sure that you do not close the windows that open


    2. Reboot your system

    When you restart your PC, all the programs present on it get refreshed. Once they get refreshed, some minor issues with it might also get resolved. This simply means when you reboot your system, McAfee software will also refresh and might start to work as expected.

    3. Uninstall any third-party antivirus

    At times, using third-party antivirus solutions along with McAfee software may give way to conflicts between those programs. So, you should uninstall or disable any such software to avoid any such hurdle.

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