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Leo man Virgo woman 2016

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    April 28, 2021 8:11 AM EDT

    The Leo man is a fixed fire sign whereas the Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign. The Leo man is fierce, strong, masculine, determined, passionate and impulsive. The Virgo woman compliments him by being soft, charming, feminine, delicate and soothing. The partnership can flourish well as the Leo man has a confident leading personality whereas the Virgo woman follows him dedicatedly.  The Virgo woman with her charm can please the feisty and dominating nature of the Leo man. The Leo man falls head over heels for the Virgo woman pertaining to her submitting nature and her trust on the Leo man to fix any situation. The Leo man leans on his Virgo woman for rational decision making and suggestions. The Virgo woman is attracted towards his confidence and intimidating daunting personality. She is well assured of his capabilities to handle any ball that life throws at them. Though the signs are polar opposites they have trust and respect for each other. Initial hiccups at the start of a relationship are normal for this couple. The Leo man is led by his heart while the Virgo woman is led by her brain. The couple shall struggle to find balance in the emotional forefront where they might find it difficult to understand where the other one is coming from. Being a nature led by dominance, the Leo man may form unrealistic expectations from the Virgo woman in terms of dedication and obedience which can at times be a bit farfetched. Needless to say the relationship can sustain really well if they both have trust on each other and respect each other’s emotional needs more visit src="/public/album_photo/76/65/19b57d8b57127b4fe558da8b194739a1.png">