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Manufacturer of Electrical Lightning Protection System in India

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    June 22, 2021 9:18 AM EDT

    In this contemporary world, the high-rise structures like buildings, chimneys, hospitals, airports, hotels and towers etc., adding a new trend in the modern lifestyle. But these heights of structures are inviting the risk of lightning strikes. For the purpose of protection, lightning protection system is the only solution. For more than a decade, JMV is a name in the External and Internal Lightning Protection for high-rise modern infrastructure, technological advancement in electronic devices and electrical installations.

    JMV is providing the complete lightning protection solution from designing till installation as per latest IS/IEC 62305 and NBC 2016. We are having the skilled designing and servicing team who is having the vast experience in completing different projects like for high rise hotels/hospitals, airports, tunnels, metro stations, commercial towers, refineries etc. Also, our service team is very well skilled in structural lightning protection system with the steel reinforcement design of the building to provide the more aesthetic and practical solution as per IS/IEC 62305 and NBC 2016.

    Also, being a leading OEM, we are manufacturing all the components required for the installation as per IS/IEC 62305 and all are tested as per IEC 62561 series. Being an OEM, the customization is also very possible for us with any component as per the requirement.

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