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Buildnow GG – a free online game

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    January 17, 2022 4:01 AM EST

    Buildnow GG - game for adventurous people who want to experience shooting in real time. BuildNow GG is an exciting online 3rd person survival shooter in which you can attack your enemies or build a giant fortress to protect yourself.


    This game is built and developed by BattelLab. Released in August 2021. You can search Buildnow GG on Google, Android, IOS,...

    A shooting game with full of outstanding features, 3D design makes you feel like the real thing. Transforming into great warriors, equipped with a variety of weapons, you will do everything to defeat your opponent. With this game, your aiming skills are very important. In the game, you build ramps, passages and walls as fast as you can while fighting another opponent.

    It is necessary to develop a reasonable strategy to defeat the opponent to become the last survivor in the battle. If you're a new player, you can learn the basic controls and improve your building and shooting skills during aiming training. You will also improve by playing against other players online in other game modes. You can also set up a private match with your friends. A private match holds up to 6 players.

    The game has a variety of weapons, ammunition, armor, ... suitable for the standards of a shooter. Each character in the game is equipped with different weapons and combat abilities. At the end of the match you will receive experience to upgrade your character.

    The scenes in the game are described in great detail. You can completely customize the look and quality of images in the graphics settings that best suit the frame. The game is optimized and runs smoothly on most devices.

    The game has 5 modes located on different maps that are:

    • FreeBuild - A big island where you can freely play PVP and practice without time limit.
    • V-Arena - 1v1 Arena, Last Stand Wins!
    • BoxFight - BoxFight 1v1, Last standing wins!
    • Training Objectives - Train to improve your shooting and building skills!
    • Zone Wars 6 player with Random Zone