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The whole capital is waiting for the princess to be widowed.

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    August 28, 2022 10:37 PM EDT

    "I've seen Wang Ye." When the man arrived, Gu Mianzi got up and went to the door to greet him. Wei Jie raised his hand to help her up, and saw that she had changed into a white cross-necked skirt with a plain color, which looked better than the one she wore in the daytime. When I first arrived, I didn't know what Wang Ye liked, so I asked Chu's bodyguard and Quanfu to prepare it for the kitchen. If Wang Ye doesn't like it, I, my concubine, will let them do it again. Today in the Gu family Wei Jie defended her, this meeting Gu Mian to him, the speech also respectfully many. To tell you the truth, if you want to say the golden thigh in the palace, it is none other than Wei Jie. Since she got along well with Wei Jie, she naturally could not waste the opportunity. But when Wei Jie heard her sudden change of words, he felt a little unaccustomed to it for a moment. Very good, the princess has a heart. This king is not a pedantic person, ordinary dinner, the princess need not stand on ceremony. Gu Mian thought this person is really hypocritical,lamella clarifer, face said no need to stand on ceremony, oneself is not "this king" "princess" to call. But there was a gentle smile on her face. "Do as you are told." The news that Wang Ye had gone to the princess for dinner soon spread throughout the palace. This time, the rumors among the people changed again. On the wedding day, Wang Ye was really not feeling well, and it was not that he did not give the princess face. This is not, today went to stop Yunxuan? They all go to dinner. What else will they do after dinner? That goes without saying? Everyone tacitly said that it was no wonder that the princess had the courage to punish Mammy Qian. In fact, Wang Ye had been supporting her all the time. Gu Mian,multi disc screw press, of course, did not know that people's wind direction had changed again. She was really nervous about the dinner. According to her assumption, Wang's housekeeper must make a move as early as today or as late as tomorrow. The last time she appeared to frighten the snake, Wang butler wanted to take things, according to Wei Jie said it was still very important, today Quanfu has released the news that Wang Ye is going to guard the Treasure Pavilion according to the plan, if he does not take it now, it will only be more difficult in the future. But after all, these are only her inferences, in case of failure, she does not know how to come back in the circle of Wei Jie. But these dishes are not to the taste of the princess. Wei Jie saw her holding chopsticks in a daze and asked. Gu Mian hurriedly came to his senses and waved his hand hurriedly: "No, no, the cook in Wang Ye's house is very delicious. All the dishes are delicious." She made such a move, disc air diffuser ,rapid sand filters, but Wei Jie saw the bracelet on her hand at a glance. This jade bracelet. Did you put it on? Gu Mian looked down, and sure enough, the two bracelets, one gold and one jade, were still on her wrist. Oh, this, this is looking back at home, I think, no, I think I can't lose Wang Ye's face, so. I took it out and put it on. I'll take it off. She said, hurriedly to take off the two bracelets. It's just that the gold bracelet came down as soon as it was picked, but the jade bracelet couldn't be picked off. It went up when Mingming was wearing it. "" Gu Mian raised his head and smiled awkwardly at Wei Jie. This bracelet was sent in a treasure box. It must be a treasure of the palace. How dare she wear it? If you can't take it off, wear it. Although Wei Jie was slightly surprised, he regained his usual look in an instant. How can that work? Such a precious thing is not suitable for me. No, it is not suitable for my concubine. "The king said there was no need to stand on ceremony, and the king asked you to wear it, just wear it." Wei Jie suddenly reached out and pressed her movements. There was a slightly cool touch of his fingers on his wrist, and Gu Mian suddenly froze. Wei Jie was stunned for a moment and soon took his hand away. He coughed twice and picked up his chopsticks again. "Let's eat." Gu Mian hung his head, but in his heart there was a strange and strange feeling slowly rising. The emperor sent an oral order to announce that you and I will enter the palace tomorrow. After the big wedding, it is reasonable to go to the palace to pay a visit. Has the princess ever been in the palace before? After a moment of silence, Wei asked again. Gu Mian shook his head. "I didn't have a good reputation before. Mrs. Gu didn't take me to the palace." She did not need to call herself "minister and concubine", but Wei Jie unexpectedly felt a little more comfortable. He also did not struggle with what is the underlying reason for such a small detail, only said: "It doesn't matter, just follow the king." "Mmm." Gu Mian hung his head again and answered obediently. The King of England was not as ill as she wanted to be, and she was quite easy to get along with. Gu Mian felt that she should not be so sad these days when she was not widowed. Dinner was almost over, and Chu Feng finally came back from the outside. Report to Wang Yeh that Wang Ping, the housekeeper, has been trapped in the Treasure Pavilion by his subordinates. Is Wang Yeh going to deal with it at this time? "Got him?" Before Wei Jie could speak, Gu Mian stood up excitedly. When she finished, she suddenly remembered that Wei Jie was still here, and hurriedly sat back and looked at Wei Jie sheepishly. But Wei Jie just smiled and did not blame her. Now that the stolen goods have been captured, let's send them to the government office for disposal. "Won't Wang Ye interrogate him?" This development is somewhat beyond Gu Mian's expectation. She thought that Wang Ye would deal with people directly like she did with Mammy Qian. When Wei Jie heard this, he looked at her. "How do you think the princess should interrogate her?" The author has something to say: "The king said no need to stand on ceremony." "Ben Wang asked you to wear it. Just wear it." Overbearing Wang Ye, online favorite wife. Wei Jie:.. I don't know if anyone is reading it. If there is a message in this chapter, I will drop a small red envelope. Thank you for your support. Thanks to the little angel for boating on the lake, the mine and nutrient solution of the wind blowing sail ~ Wait for a rabbit "I.." Gu Mian hung his head hesitantly, "I just think that as a housekeeper, he should be severely punished for stealing things from the master's house, so that he can vent his anger." "Out of breath?" Wei Jie seemed to hear something interesting and smiled. "So the princess punished Mammy Qian that day to vent her anger?" Wei Jie suddenly mentioned this, but to Gu Mian's surprise, Gu Mian smiled awkwardly: "Not all,wall penstocks, she stole something, should also be punished..." "Besides, doesn't Wang Ye want to know why the housekeeper wants to steal?" Gu Mian muttered in a low voice.