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All-round female partner [wear quickly]

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    August 28, 2022 10:39 PM EDT

    Qi Mengya's face was blue and purple, and the pain in her legs made her even more reluctant to see the triumphant face in front of her. Her marriage was that she didn't understand it before, so she refused, and Qi Baiyue got it. She didn't drink this bowl of chicken soup, so Qi Baiyue drank it. The other side came over, clearly to laugh at her! "You go!" Qi Mengya took a hard breath and pointed to the door: "Get out!" Now that my sister is injured, I will take the opportunity to see you. It's just that my sister is engaged and will be married soon, and the next time we meet is uncertain. Bai Yue walked toward the outside, looked back at Qi Mengya halfway, and hooked her lips: "There is a saying I like very much: Sometimes there must be something in life, and there is no time to force it in life.". No matter how many times you do it again, don't try to reach out to something that doesn't belong to you. Bai Yue and Pan Mo walked out, but Qi Mengya, who stayed where she was, lost all her blood and trembled at her fingertips. …… No, no, no. Looking at the figure that disappeared in the doorway and the words of the other side, Qi Mengya was like falling into an ice cave. Frightened by the white moon, Qi Mengya unexpectedly got a cold that night, and her whole body had a high fever. He has been burning for a day and a night, and he is full of nonsense in his lethargy. Originally still some can not bear to see the prime minister in the past, but heard Qi Mengya gnash his teeth to curse the words of the white moon,teardrop pallet racking, heard the prime minister left. Although Mrs. Feng ordered the servants to take good care of her, the matter of the eldest lady offending the prime minister spread like wildfire, so that the servants would inevitably relax when taking care of her. Even after waking up, Qi Mengya's whole person was haggard, and her appearance was no longer the same as before. Her leg was hurt again and again, and it was hardly healed until she got married. Frightened by the white moon, Qi Mengya later saw the white moon but somewhat flinched, leaving in a hurry every time. Until Qi Mengya's marriage came as scheduled, the daughter of the prime minister's family got married,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and the ostentation and extravagance would naturally not be small. Soon after this marriage, it was the marriage of the white moon. Compared with Qi Mengya's marriage, the prime minister's mansion seems to pay more attention to the connection between this door and Chengen Hou's mansion, so he prepared it early. When Qi Mengya returned, he was accompanied by the eldest son of the assistant minister of the Ministry of the Interior. Only the white moon roughly took a look, Qi Mengya's face is a little thick, compared to the polite man next to her, she looked a little impatient when facing the man around her, and occasionally some trance. This appearance of not belonging to the mind is naturally seen by the men around him. The man's face was not obvious, but his eyes showed some dissatisfaction. Chapter 196 the plot of the back house 07. Qi Mengya identified Chengen Hou Shizi in the bottom of her heart, so even if she married someone else, she must be unwilling to accept him. Although the prime minister and Mrs. Feng were angry that she had framed her own sister, they were the daughters of the prime minister's family. The people who picked for her must not be much worse, how can they really push her into the wolf's den? But presumably full of eyes are the prince of Qi Mengya will not appreciate, she reborn once still some brainless. In today's society, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, a woman who doesn't want to live a good life. No matter how high the family background is, once she is left out by her husband, she will have a hard time in the future. Before Bai Yue's marriage, they only met a few times, and the day soon came to her wedding day. During the wedding ceremony, the wedding dress outside was made by a special embroidery lady, but the hijab and close-fitting clothes were all done by herself, and even the woman had to embroider an inner dress for the man. By this time, Pan Mo, who had been finishing the embroidery for the white moon, refused to do anything. Bai Yue had to do it herself, but although she had the memory of the original owner, the technique quickly became skilled, but it looked inevitably a little rough. She herself didn't feel anything, but Mrs. Feng said something to her. In the blink of an eye, it was the wedding day. There is no need to mention the marriage between the prime minister's mansion and Chengen Hou's mansion, leaving the prime minister's mansion alone. In fact, there is more or less the idea of'Chongxi 'in Chengen Hou Mansion. After all, the prince of Chengen Hou has been ill all the time, and his body can't say when he will be defeated. Had it not been for the engagement with the prime minister's mansion early in the morning, the daughter of the prime minister's mansion might not have been able to marry into the Chengen Hou Mansion. Therefore, the other side attaches great importance to this marriage, and the wedding procession is very spectacular. When Bai Yue was dressing up in front of the dressing table, except for several concubines from the prime minister's mansion, Qi Mengya, who had already married, naturally came back. But she did not approach, only stood not far away and looked complicatedly at the white moon dressed up in the center. The white moon inadvertently looked into each other's eyes and found that there was fear, unwillingness and longing in a trance. Fear of unwilling white moon can understand, after all, rebirth once want things but can not hold, the other side seems to know the secret of their rebirth, she is naturally afraid. As for the trance of longing. I'm afraid the other party is putting herself in the role of the bride. The crowd made a lot of noise, and the wedding procession soon arrived at the gate of the prime minister's mansion. Apart from anything else, the prince who came to welcome the bride was dressed in red, and the rare warm color made his face, which seemed always pale, look better. He was born handsome, and his red lips and white teeth attracted people's attention. When seeing this person, the white moon glanced at Qi Mengya's expression, and soon the field of vision was covered by red. Only that glance did not miss the handkerchief tightly twisted in Qi Mengya's hand and the eyes that bit her lips and were somewhat infatuated. He was helped into the sedan chair and blew all the way to the mansion of the Marquis of Chengen. The white moon held the apple in her hand, and the sedan chair stopped for a while. He saw the curtain of the sedan chair move slightly, and a slender hand appeared in the field of vision. The white moon put her hand on it, and the hand tightened and held her hand a little firmly. Worship heaven and earth and other complicated rituals will not be repeated, after the ceremony, the white moon was sent to the room. Everyone knew that the prince of Chengen Hou Mansion was in poor health, and there was not much noise during the banquet. It's just that there are still guests to entertain, but the prince stayed outside for a long time before coming back. He was not drinking, but he was covered with alcohol. At the signal of Xi Niang, he took the name of Xi and opened the veil of Bai Yue. Eyes slightly bright,automated warehouse systems, the white moon will be on the other side of the warm line of sight. Only the next second her eyes were red again, accompanied by a cry of surprise, and something hit her.