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    August 28, 2022 10:54 PM EDT

    Tang Fan carefully controlled this point of energy, mental power locked the weak point of space, immediately, Tang Fan's field power, wrapped in this point, lightly flying away from the tower of death bone, slowly flying to the weak point of space. As for Tang Fan himself, it is a rapid retreat, finally, Tang Fan retreated to ten thousand meters away, and that small point, also flew to the weak point of space, and Tang Fan residual mental collision, instant, the explosion began. Tang Fan could not describe such an explosion. Just for a moment, the eyes lost their due color, only the gray light, shining around everything, so that he unconsciously narrowed his eyes, with his hands in front of him, and also kept the rapid retreat. There was no sound, or the sound had surpassed everything, could not be heard, the ears were blocked by the terrible air flow, heavy, and the head was swollen. The weak point of space that was hit was torn apart by rolling shocks. The earth-shaking explosion was silent and eerie. A terrible devouring and destroying force seemed to turn everything into nothingness, crushing around and shaking away. The space continued to collapse, forming a black hole that devoured everything. Speed is very fast, blink of an eye, then formed a kilometer range of space black hole,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and is still expanding, a terrible suction burst out, everything around, all absorbed, even ten thousand meters away Tang Fan, can feel the terrible suction. The surrounding skeletons, building ruins, and so on, were all pulled in under this terrible and incomparable suction, and then,steatite c221, in an instant, they were shattered and then turned into nothingness. This scene shocked Tang Fan. Shit! How am I supposed to get in there with all this suction? Tang Fan is nervous. Derek, can the power of the necromancy protect me? Tang Fan hurriedly asked. Yes, master. Derek replied, "But for the sake of insurance, I suggest that the master first use the power of the third layer of the Tower of Death Bone to protect, and the power of the Necromancy to protect, forming a double protection is more secure." Hearing Derek's words, Tang Fan immediately exerted the power of the realm and entered the third floor of the Death Bone Tower. Originally he intended to keep this layer of power, perhaps later will come in handy, but now, it is had to use. Soon, the sub-god array on the third floor of the Death Bone Tower also operated, started, mobilized traction, and then condensed into a point, appeared, spread under the traction of Tang Fan's field, forming an oval gray-white transparent cover, which enveloped Tang Fan. Master, you may enter. Reminded Derek. Tang Fan took a deep breath, cordierite c520 ,ceramic welding tape, let oneself calm down, looked at the front of the space black hole that stopped expanding and began to contract, instantly accelerated, rushed forward, suddenly, strong suction on Tang Fan's body, pulling, Tang Fan to pull into the space black hole. Tang Fan's figure, instantly entered the black hole of space, as if swallowed up, disappeared. After engulfing Tang Fan, the space black hole shrank again. In a short time, it had shrunk into a space black hole with a diameter of ten meters. It continued to shrink until finally, the space black hole completely shrank and disappeared. Only everything around it told of the great terror just now. A piece of land with a radius of thousands of meters was swallowed up directly, leaving only a piece of nothingness. Volume II: The New Era of Chaos 1 Qin Bingxin's Crisis Qin Bingxin's Crisis Eight hundred kilometers north of the Tyrone Empire, there is a big snow mountain named Ice Dragon Snow Mountain. The reason for this name is that on the top of this big snow mountain, there is an ice dragon. Of course, this has now become a legend, because no one has seen this ice dragon for thousands of years. Some people speculate that the ice dragon may have left the snow mountain, others speculate that it is just a legend, and others speculate that the ice dragon may have fallen. In a word, there are all kinds of speculations. At the foot of the Ice Dragon Snow Mountain, there is a forest. This forest is called the Cold Pine Needle Forest, all of which are cold pine needle trees. Cold pine needle tree is a special kind of tree among all kinds of trees. It can only survive in places where the temperature is low, such as the snow-covered places like Ice Dragon Snow Mountain. If the temperature is slightly higher or normal, cold pine needle trees will wither rapidly. The name of the cold pine needle tree is not only because it likes cold, but also because its leaves, which are different from those of ordinary trees, are needle-shaped. It looks like needles grow on it one after another. Moreover, the needles of the cold pine needle tree are so hard that even middle-level professionals can hardly destroy them. Of course, this place is too cold, unless the strength reaches a high level, and well prepared, can move freely here, but if the strength reaches a super level or above, with their own strength can move freely here. At this time, in the seemingly dry cold pine needle forest, a figure shuttled like a movie, bringing up a slight sound of breaking wind, rushing through the forest at high speed. This is a blue figure, in the white snow, a little more cold. At this time, there are several black figures behind, like a hurricane, the sound is huge, the air vibrates and whistles, the strong wind blows around, so that the dry pine needle trees sway up, making a squeaking sound, and the snow piled up on the branches rustles down, which is very spectacular. Behind the five black figures, murderous, obviously, and the front of the blue figure is not a friend, but an enemy relationship, their purpose is to catch up with the front of the blue figure, and then catch or kill it. Judging from the breath emanating from these figures, they are all strong people of the legendary rank. Chasing the five men in black, suddenly launched an attack, one by one to the front, chopped away, where the cold pine needle trees on the route were all destroyed. The speed of the blue figure increased sharply in an instant, and, across an arc,alumina c799, turned to the side, avoiding five attacks. A series of explosions were heard, and countless white snow exploded and splashed.