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    August 28, 2022 10:54 PM EDT

    Qin Changge's foot flew up, thunderous, Leng Chao was kicked straight up by her, flying out, his back hit the heavy iron gate with a bang, making a dull sound, Leng Chao spurted a big mouthful of blood, soft sliding down the iron gate to the ground. The nine men stepped back together, and Kuang Jianqi's face was bloodless. Qin Changge smiled, stepped forward, and nine people retreated again. No one dares to approach three feet in front of her. Hundreds of thousands of victims in Youzhou, because the only hope of survival was destroyed, in despair, is now besieged the entire city of Youzhou, if I can't borrow food today, the death is not a person, but thousands of people, is a whole city. "Staring at Kuang Jianqi's eyes, Qin Changge said slowly:" Compared with the death of many people, I don't mind killing ten of you. Because I don't have time to talk to you. Now, I'll ask again. After this question, you can decide whether to continue to die or live. She said word for word: "What about the key, the key?" As the clang rang, nine keys were pulled out one after another. Even Kuang Jianqi, with a sullen face, pulled out the keys. Qin Changge waved his hand, and the book office honestly held the record book. Ten people, together with the fainted Leng Chao and the unconscious Ji Zhen, were dragged over and pressed their fingerprints. On the keys one by one, the heavy iron buttons are slowly turning,Ceramic Band Heater, with a crash, the door of the library opens, and the fragrant rice flavor is accompanied by the slightly astringent smell of grass and grain hemp, surging to the nostrils. This is the taste of life. The hoard piled up at the top of the post was full of grain. Qin Changge calculated the total amount of grain in his mind and finally showed his first real smile since last night. Turning around, the sunlight shines down from the top of the ventilation skylight of the warehouse, reflecting the white and bright road ahead, and in the distance of the road, dark heads gradually appeared, and the army that came to pick up the grain had arrived. When you come, the pressure is heavy,Alumina Ceramic C795, and when you go, you are anxious to fly. Qin Changge or the first step of the grain army, back ahead of time, let the non-Huan steamed stuffed bun they stay in the hair-trigger city, she is not at ease, go back early to inform the good news, or let the non-Huan be rescued early. According to the people in the town, she took a shortcut, through a forest, around a low hillside and mud, can be two hours earlier than the main road to Youzhou. In the early autumn dusk, the grassland is gorgeous in color and luster, the golden black will not sink, there is a shallow shadow of the ice wheel behind the thousands of thick clouds, the distant mountains are particularly beautiful under the sunshine, as far as the eye can see, the sky is high, the scenery is broad, and the grass on the plain is surging like waves, undulating golden waves. People gallop in the waves. I only saw a flash of black light from Shenjun's black horse, the speed of a meteor falling, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Bobbin, and in a twinkling of an eye, the road was no longer as flat as it had been at the beginning, and it was already in front of a dark forest. Qin Changge looked up at the woods, eyes flashed, Jianghu rules, meet Lin Mo to enter, at this time is approaching night, the woods are bigger and denser than imagined, it is not supposed to enter. With a chuckle and a shake of the reins, Qin Changge continued to move forward. It's not her style to be scared away before she sees the danger. Before entering the woods, I saw traces of someone burying a pot to cook rice on the slope of the roadside. There were branches on the ground that had not been cleaned up as firewood, which were carefully stuffed into the stone crevices. Qin Changge pulled them out, looked at the number, and touched the temperature of the ground. More than a dozen people have just left for about an hour. Although he knew that those who appeared here at this time would not be ordinary travelers, Qin Changge did not take it seriously and continued to move forward. Lin Zi Yi Shan, the trees are tall and luxuriant, there are fallen leaves on the ground over the years, the horse walks not very hard, Qin Changge rides the horse, paying attention to listen to all the strange sounds. Do not want to until out of the woods, still did not see strange, Qin Changge can not help laughing at their own grass and trees are soldiers, to speed up the horse forward. Ma Fang raised his hooves and stepped out not far. Suddenly, his front foot was soft and half of the horse's head fell down! Qin Changge was startled and immediately flew up to see the ground piled up with leaves under his feet suddenly began to sink, as if there were a pair of devil's hands under the ground, slowly grabbing the ground and pulling it down, while the horse's body had gone down half in an instant, and all the horse's legs had fallen into the ground. It's a bog. The horse whined and tried to struggle, but the mire was always sinking more and more, and the horse sank more and more quickly. Qin Changge stepped on a tree next to him, touched the black silk he often used, and thought it couldn't be used. He tore off the sleeves of his robe, tore them into strips and connected them into soft cloth strips. With a shake in the air, Huo wrapped himself around the horse's neck. Hands with ingenuity, Qin Changge slowly pulled the horse out, the horse can not be lost here, she also expected to hurry back to Youzhou. At this time, there was no time to think about why it was said that there was still a distance from the woods to the mire, which would be met as soon as he stepped out of the woods. Qin Changge just concentrated on pulling the horse, but felt that the weight of the horse's body was really strange, heavier than he could imagine, as if there was really someone wrestling with her at the bottom of the mire. It's just that those who enter this fishy and deep mire will die. How can there be anyone? There was no moon tonight, the stratus clouds were thick, and there were occasional glimmers of stars, like the pale cracks in the sky pierced by the sharp treetops. There was a strange smell in the wind, not blood, not iron, nor mud, but like the smell of these smells mixed together, the nose was a little cold, the temperature seemed to drop a little, but the heart was faintly dry. Qin Changge leaned his back against the tree. The mud covered by leaves suddenly bubbled up. Those sticky bubbles burst out with a bang, and then exploded with a bang, and at the moment of explosion, they slowly crawled out of a strange snake and insect. A centipede with only one leg, a toad with a long tail, a gecko with two heads, and a spider with horns on its head. In short, they are all grotesque and disgusting things that are rarely seen in the world. These things wriggle like hearts on the mud bubbles, as if waiting for something. Finally, the biggest bubble slowly exploded, and what crawled out was something that seemed to be normal-a three-legged red snake. When the snake crawled out, all the strange insects immediately bowed their heads. The snake circled slowly like an emperor's parade. Suddenly, it turned its head and stared at the horse that was gradually pulled up. It is really "staring",Ozone generator ceramic plate, just like human eyes, sinister and evil, with an expressive stare.