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Daddy, don't rob my mommy.

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    August 28, 2022 10:54 PM EDT

    Dongfang Chen, leaning against the door, looked at the picture of mother and son protecting each other and felt sour in his heart. He immediately frowned when he heard that the moon rabbit was not allowed to participate in the selection every night. "Little rabbit, don't you want to give every night a complete home?"? Give him complete love? The premise of the promise is that we give him the right to protect you. Don't you understand the child's heart? Taking over Dongfang Chen's words, Yu Wenjia also opened his mouth, "Rabbit, children need their mothers as well as their fathers.". You are so overbearing that you don't allow others to get close to you every night. In fact, you are too afraid of losing you. Rabbit, we have lost our parents, why should we let our children suffer this pain again? "I.." The month small rabbit bites the red lip under two people's rhetorical question, lowers the head to look at the night tender small face, full of bitterness. He is a five-year-old child, ah, but already precocious to let her forget his age, and even some peace of mind to be protected by him, is this her behavior as a mother? Every night turned to the rabbit's line of sight, black eyes shining, firmly conveying their own meaning, "Mommy, I will be able to pass!" "Every night!" Moon rabbit burst into tears, this simple sentence she understood that every night or for her, heartache and sadness welled up in her heart, bitter heart than Coptis chinensis. Dongfang Chen gently came over to pick up the night and embrace the moon rabbit, firm and gentle words finally conquered the hearts of two people: "Rabbit, rest assured to give me the night and myself, let me guard you!" In the early morning of the next day, the ancestral home of the Oriental family was busy. First, they opened the solemn hall of the ancestral home, prepared everything for the succession candidates,10g Ozone Generator, and then arranged a luxurious party in the garden, waiting to celebrate every night. The old man, who had been prepared for a long time, had already sent out an invitation card. At six o'clock, upper-class people in a city began to rush to the ancestral home of the Oriental family, half to celebrate and half to watch the play. The old men also arrived at the ancestral home early in the morning, but after a night, everyone's faces were very embarrassed, and they were speechless when they handed over the results of the investigation to each other, not knowing how to face the mother and son of the Moon Rabbit later. The crowd gathered in a corner and discussed in a low voice. Dongfang Chen and the old man, dressed in a Tang suit, formal and elegant, were standing on the windowsill of the second floor looking at the people in the garden, coldly hooking their lips. Grandpa, don't try to stop me later. I must ask them to apologize to the rabbit themselves! Dongfang Chen squinted his eyes, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,7g Ozone Generator, and the light of the glazed eyes flowed ruthlessly. Don't worry, as long as people don't die, I won't care! The old man nodded and then said, "After this matter is over, go to check the matter of the little rabbit's father. Yiyi found something in Nangong Yang, but it's not enough to prosecute him!" "Well, my men are already investigating, you can rest assured!" Dongfang Chen smiled and turned to look at his watch. "Old man, we should go to pick them up and go out together!" "All right, let's go together!" The old man turned around and closed the window, and went with Dongfang Chen to pick up the mother and son of the Moon Rabbit. PS: Order Gift Quantity Date Giver 1 Flowers 12009 -8-12 6:08:00 laixinyu813 2 Diamond 12009 -8-12 6:08:00 laixinyu813 3 Flowers 12009 -8-11 12:08:00 dianyi0825 4 Flowers 22009 -8-11 11:38:00 Yan Dear friends, thank you for your flowers and diamonds. Oh, the rabbit is so happy. O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ [Top Return Directory] Text 041: Selection of Successors (Second Watch) (Number of words in this chapter: 3860, updated: 2009-8-21 22:14:00) At 7:30, the music in the Oriental Garden suddenly stopped, and all the guests stopped talking and looked in the direction of the main hall. The masters who had gathered together to discuss the matter also had their own ideas at this time. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and returned to their respective positions to sit down, touching their beards and waiting for the arrival of the mother and son of the Moon Rabbit. The old man, dressed in a dark golden seal, was full of majesty. Every night, dressed in a golden Tang suit, he was determined to win. He and the old man walked in front hand in hand. The moon rabbit is dressed in a crescent white modified Tang suit, which is gentle and noble. Dongfang Chen is dressed in a sapphire blue Tang suit, which is handsome and noble. At this time, he is smiling and holding the slender waist of the moon rabbit, followed by two people. As soon as a family of four appeared, it immediately caused people's whispers, especially Dongfang Chen's overbearing embrace of the moon rabbit, which made the venue full of celebrities suddenly rise a layer of waves. Is she the Moon Bunny? The Jade Rabbit of the Thousand and One Nights? A woman stared at the moon rabbit up and down, "not so good, how can the East Young Master like her?" "He's good in bed!" With an ambiguous chuckle, a woman who is not afraid of death throws a wink to Dongfang Chen. That child is pretty cute. Why doesn't he look like the Moon Rabbit at all? Is it her child? Someone stared at the night, and the voices of the crowd were already quite loud. Yes, more like Nangong Yixue! Some socialite, as if she had discovered a new continent, pointed to the night and said, "Look at that child's nose and eyes, they really look like her!" "Yes, yes, it's really like that!" One person out of the crowd immediately echoed, the more said the more I think every night is the child of Nangong Yixue. The voices of the crowd became louder and louder, and they forgot or simply did not care that this was the home of the East, and even began to point to the night and whisper to the moon rabbit. Every night, his little face was livid and his eyes narrowed, and the old man who was pinched by the old man's hand was a little painful. The old man turned his eyes to sweep the group of women and whispered, "Don't forget our agreement every night!" Today's scene is in his expectation, in order to prevent the night suddenly midway rampage, the old man has long agreed with him, no matter what he hears and sees,ceramic bobbin heater, everything will be handled well after the end. Yes! Night pursed his lips and swept around the group of women, turning away from them. What he had to do now was to prepare for the next selection of heirs, and they would clean up slowly.